ch2g, Wallet Connection Test Net — R1

</> UPDATE: Closed Now </>

Chain 2 Game test net round one: connecting web 3 wallet to the game platform and have transactions with test tokens.

A- requirements:

you can get social badges before/after test net too

1- check your profile badges, you need to have all 3 social badges: Instagram, Medium, and Twitter follower badges. how to get these badges?

website footer

follow our Instagram account and like all posts, follow our Twitter account and like all posts, follow our Medium account and like all articles. then fill out community scale-up form.

Rinkeby Test Network on Metamask

2- active (show & switch) your Metamask wallet Rinkeby Test Network
3- get 100 test USDT and 0.1 test ETH tokens on rinkeby network. how to get test tokens?

open Rinkeby USDT Faucet, put your ETH address and change the token amount to 100, click [tap] on “mint token” and sign the transaction.

to get test ETH token you have to open Rinkeby ETH Faucet, connect your wallet, complete the captcha, and send request


when it’s done, you can participate in test net tasks below:

B- Test net Tasks:
go to Public Sale page [menu: BUY]

scroll down to find Test Net section, select Test Net Package to open the store

click [tap] on “Add To Cart”

click [tap] on “Proceed To Checkout”

click [tap] on “Metamask”, select USDT, check the terms box, then “Place Order”

click [tap] on “Metamask Connect”

select your wallet account, click “Connect”

click [tap] on “Pay With 50.00USDT”

click [tap] on “CONFIRM”


after Successfully Payment sign, go back to Public Sale Page again and try to buy Test Net NFT this time.

after Successfully Payment sign for Test Net NFT, go to your profile page and find your orders

here you can find the order numbers: #xxxx .

open your wallet and find last Activity for your TUSDT. open each transaction and copy the ID: 0xA102….dc43

Transactions information

Finally, fill out the Metamask Test USDT Form on your profile page [after Achievements section]. we collect and verify your information and accepted test users get Metamask badge 1 after 1~5 days on achievements list.


you can send your problems and feedbacks in comment section here or on socials with image/video and mention us.

Thank you ❣️



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