NFT gamify & requirements

This is how you can get our Blockchain’s event NFTs and Free NFTs:

Public Sale badge and NFT

early investors can get Public Sale NFT by investing Minimum 50 USD and hold 50% of $CH2 tokens in account.

Test Game β badge and NFT

If you participate in test game beta [β], you could get Test Game Tasks NFT in this way that we explain:
earn minimum of 45 $CH2 tokens [free in events or buy in public sale], and buy a device ticket in ch2g store base on what you like to play. then you can download and install one [or more] of the test games listed in GAMES-β page and create your profile inside related “game-store” and “inside the game” [preferred to be same email as you joined on].
Play the game for more than 10 days [each day minimum 1 hour]. when you played enough go to GAMES-Β page again and fill out the test game form. we try to collect your play detail and give you the badge. after 1~5 days you will get the NFT on your blockchain wallet.

Game Tickets badge and NFT

For Game Tickets NFT you need to buy minimum of 2 device tickets and play at least one device game, and send back the second ticket when the return ticket form is available on GAMES-Β page

when you got device tickets but you want to play on different device, you can inform us by change test game device form. no problem!

Art & Content Creators badge and NFT

For whom that have a minimum of accepted Multimedia or Content about Chain2Game, we give them Art & Content Creators NFT. you need to share your content or art on all Social media Platforms and tag [mention] us, then fill out the form on NFT Page. we check your post and if the post accepted you will get the badge. if your art need changes to be used on our games/platform/social media, we will contact you for cooperation. 1~5 days after profile badge you will get the NFT on your blockchain wallet.

when An active user invite three more active users to the platform, can get Social Activities NFT.
what is active user? a user that follow our social medias and participate in our events and our post about chain2game news, it’s an active user in the platform



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