Profile and NFT badges on Chain2Game

When you check out your profile page on the platform you can see the Achievements section and there are different kinds of badges that we explain them all:

Social Badges: Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Telegram, and other socials.
social badges information gather and verify once a week, your social id or links are not stored on servers or blockchains for security, safety, and user privacy. but your social badge status is stored in servers and blockchain.

How To get Social Badges

Social Badges are required for all NFT and activities in games. if your social information changed (deactivate accounts, hack, lost password,…) you can send your information again and fix the badge problems here.

Social Badges for everyone that follow all of our pages

NFT 1 Event Badges: Depending on your activities, you will get these badges. you will get some automatically and for some, you need to fill out a form. Seed round NFT, Presale (FCFS) NFT, Test Game Tasks NFT, Public Sale NFT, and Game Tickets NFT are automatic badges and data collected every 48h.
for Art & Content Creators NFT you need to find the form on NFT Page and for Social Activities NFT you need to fill community scale-up form.

NFT 2 event badge: this badge is related to our blockchain tests and events that you can find all information for the event on NFT Page

more badges coming soon…



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